Hanging Gardens AZ Hike

Hanging Gardens AZ Hike

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Hanging Gardens is an amazing hike the consists of some off-roading to get there. High clearance vehicle is a must. The hike is about 2.5 miles down into the canyon which consists of walking through river boulders and swimming across narrow canyon slots. The first map is the off-road trail we took to get there. It was 10.45 miles of rough road with mud pits and big boulders. The second map is the distance from trailhead to Hanging Gardens. This is one way distance only.

I love off-roading so the road to get there was an adventure on it’s own. The landscape inside the canyon is amazing and different from what you will see on the rim and most of Arizona. Below are a few pictures of the hike and the Hanging Gardens.

Hanging Gardens Video

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